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MBFWA: evo and Cloud Nine X Ten Pieces

A extremely textured ‘desert hair’ provided a more editorial take on Ten Pieces short film shot at Stockton sand dunes – realized by Renya and Aiden Xydis for evo, writes Cameron Pine.


It was a clash of ‘Mad Max meets Survivor’ using desert sand as the ultimate inspiration for a collection that was as much about no boundaries and survival as it was about sleek layering. Showing a three and a half minute short film sponsored by Fitbit to kick off the show – guests were transported to a white sand realm of survival and discovery.


Keeping in theme, ten looks from the collection were showcased on ten models in head-to-toe layered block colours within the cavernous sound studios. With Renya directing the girls look for Cloud Nine and Aiden working his barbershop hands on the men for evo we saw both messy disconnected waves and an almost ‘steel wool-like’ texture on the men.

“Once guests see the movie the hair will make sense, it is real ‘desert and dirty hair’. We’ve used a lot of Haze in the hair to give androgynous texture as well as the Cloud Nine wand and the wide iron to create the illusion that these girls have been wandering the desert for days,” Renya said.


“We wanted it to look like they had just come out of the desert – dirty, gritty and really ‘sunburnt’.”

With not one girl looking the same, it was still important for Renya to create textural variation and individuality within the theme.

“It was the same deal for the guys, really dirty and really dry using Haze to create a gritty texture and piecey separation free of shine,” Aiden said.

“Even on the guys with short shaved heads we still added Haze and rubbed it over to avoid shine. We wanted it to look like they’ve been out in the desert for two weeks trying to survive. It was really apocalyptic.”


This conceptual aesthetic complemented or a more commercial brand. “Influenced by sportswear, our unisex approach for Ten Pieces is to create street-ready, interchangeable pieces for people who desire contemporary, yet comfortable clothing fitting for their busy lives,” said Ten Pieces designer Lucy Hinckfuss.

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