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MBFWA: Redken X Bondi Bather

Made for the Bondi girl who has it all, the fashion and hair for Bondi Bather was designed to travel from the beach to the gym and then for a night out. Hair director Philip Barwick for Redken concocted two different braided hair looks, that take on a life of their own when they leave backstage.

REDKEN MBFWA2016 Bondi Bather 02

“It’s for the quintessential Bondi girl, who’s into her lifestyle and her fitness, but it’s also a touch on the bohemian side of things as well, that beach lifestyle that everyone comes to Sydney for,” Philip shared. “The hair has a glamorous utilitarian side to it, we have braids which you can take from the beach to the gym and out to the bar if you wish.”

This transition is based directly on the clothes, which range from swimwear to active wear and include what Philip refers to as ‘inspirational materials’, which can transcend contexts. Pillow Proof Express Primer, Rootful 06 and Triple Take 32 were essential in creating the two looks. The first simpler look showcased a big central braid, while the second look was broken into two centre parts for a dual-braided look. Both looks are created by blow drying the hair directionally up, back at the nape of the neck and away from the face.

REDKEN MBFWA2016 Bondi Bather 01

“The look itself represents that holistic lifestyle,” said Philip, which should surprise no one, as the show began with a model conducting a mock yoga class. “It’s a really good one for people to do in salon, if ever there was something that traverses from runway to reality, this is it.”

You heard him – runway, to salon, to beach, to gym, to bar. There’s no place this hair look can’t go.

REDKEN MBFWA2016 Bondi Bather runway 01

Get the look:

1. On clean. Air-dried hair, apply PILLOW PROOF Blow Dry Primer and ROOTFUL 06 and then blow dry directionally up at the sides and back from the face.
2. Part the hair down the middle into two separate sections from the front hairline to the nape. Apply BRAID AID 03 Defining Lotion to enable manageability and grip. Create two 3-strand braids that sit high along the crest of the head. The braids should begin above the corner of the eyes.
3. Continue to braid until you reach the ends and then spray the ends with new TRIPLE TAKE 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray. Fix the ends with the heat from a flat iron to create an uninterrupted look.
4. To complete the look, pinch and fray small amounts of hair to create undone, beachy texture and spray with WIND BLOWN 05 Dry Finishing Spray.
5. When the desired texture is achieved, finish with TRIPLE TAKE 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray.

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