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10 Minutes With Stevie English

Steve Corthine (better known as Stevie English) recently triggered our inner envy, travelling to New York with Matrix to work on two somewhat-secret projects. Despite this supposed secrecy, we sat down with Stevie to gather what we could about the hyper-creative trip, and he delivered, telling us about what trends to look out for, the highlights of his working holiday and the many pinch-yourself moments he experienced in New York. Read on…

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On what the trip was about…

Stevie’s two weeks in New York were divided into two major projects, the first of which was spent filming videos (in Stevie’s own words, “our job was to come up with cool ideas and shoot videos for it”) in a studio converted from an old fire station, while the second week was spent shooting trends on the road.

On the videos…

“The aim of the videos was to do hacks, quick ways of doing things,” Stevie explained.

“For me, I’m all about colour, so it was about how we can create cool colour quickly and interestingly. A lot of Matrix is about craft, but it’s about tips and tricks where, for example, you might be able to save 15 minutes in your appointment.”

On the trends…

“Twice a year Matrix shoots trends, which is imagery that is going to go around the world, to 80, 85 countries, the imagery that will fit that for the next 6 months,” Stevie shared. “Matrix’s imagery over the last year or so has really changed. Long gone is that cheesy, American smile look, we’re getting a bit more edgy. With my colour focus, I’ve been doing water colours, the bright colours but a bit more muted are what’s on trend for me.”

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On his highlights…

“We shot on location in Brooklyn, we shot in Prospect Park, we shot in Chinatown. For a week we were in movie trailers doing hair, that’s like living the dream,” Stevie enthused about the second project. “Looking at New York, travelling across the Brooklyn Bridge every day and coming to and from Manhattan, they’re all pinch yourself moments.”

Aside from the day to day experience of New York, the collaborative energy and creative process of the trip provided its own highpoints for Stevie and assumedly the rest of the talented team.

“This is going to sound really cheesy,” Stevie divulged, “but a highlight is spending time with really creative people from around the world. We had someone from Russia, we had someone from Argentina, and we had some really long term global members from the US side. You have all these people that are massive stars in their market place, and you get to hang out with them for a week, for me that’s a highlight, really.”


On working with Matrix…

“Matrix is probably the most exciting product company on the market with what it has to offer,” Stevie opined. “If you look at our creative team, we have one of the coolest and most fun creative teams going, and people are starting to really take note of that. Matrix is really making a noise in our industry and I’m loving being on the Matrix train.

On what’s next…

The jet-setting lifestyle doesn’t stop now that Stevie has touched back down in Australia. “I’m off to New Zealand to do a show next month, and then I’ve got China the month after that. I’ve got Rome in November. Pretty much every other weekend I’m flying somewhere, my schedule is pretty bonkers!”

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