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14 Things Every Hairdresser Will Experience This Summer

Australia is heating up, meaning Summer is so close we can practically see, smell and taste it.

As always, the hairdressing community will experience this season from the same vantage point Рin salon, so we can relate to both the pros and cons of hairdressing through the Summer season. Get ready for an influx of sea salt spray, blonde and blow dries Рhere are 14 things every hairdresser is sure to experience this summer.

1. Spending your summer on the front line against humidity.


This is your cause.

2. Witnessing far more beachy hair looks than you do actual beaches.


Living your life in the sun by proxy.

3. And drowning in sea salt spray rather than frolicking in the waves.


Imagine that wave is formed entirely of hair products – hello summer.

4. Kind of hoping it will rain, because you’re cruel.


If you can’t be outside, maybe no one should be.

5. Opting for spray tan so you can at least look like you’ve been to the beach.


Avoid those Ross Geller-esque mishaps.

6. Delivering the shampoo service with a little more reservation.


Spare us the sweat.

7. Becoming pretty sick of seeing so many blonde requests in salon.


Note to clients: there are other tones!

8. But appreciating the chance to work on your blonde skills for the next few months.


Necessity is the mother of invention.

9.  Eventually being tempted to go blonde yourself.


The evoloution is complete.

10. Remembering that working in salon is even more exhausting in the heat.


Pair too much sun with needing to be on your feet all day and realise the true meaning of ‘tired’.

11. Blow drying too many clients’ hair for parties you can’t actually go to.


The FOMO is real.

12. Viewing the outside world with this sense of dramatic envy.


13. Being more annoyed than usual to be working on the weekend.


14. But when Monday rolls around, we know where you’ll be.


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