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Create This 3D Colour Look With A Pipe

It was once just foils and a brush needed to make up a colour look, but as colour has developed so too has our penchant for utilising new and unique everyday objects to creative innovative trends.

From popsicle sticks to tables, there’s no object or surface a truly dedicated colourist won’t try in the name of interesting application, and the latest technique from a worthy source showcases the benefits of using (drumroll please) a pipe.



Scoff all you want, but the information comes straight from respected Revlon Professional educator and colourist Kaarina Hamilton, who showcases the technique in full in the video below (watch it for yourself, and become a true believer in the technique).

The application process utilises a pipe to place colour around the curve of the hair to gain maximum light reflection and achieve truly multi-dimensional 3D colour. The technique also uses foils and two different colours, smudged for an ideal blend, to achieve this dimension.



Kaarina advises that a bigger pipe will create a softer colour look, while smaller pipes can be used for more creative looks, highlighting the trend’s versatility. She also points out that the more juxtaposed the two chosen tones, the more audacious the final look will be.

Watch the short step by step below and try it four yourself!

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