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4 Stand-Out Hair Looks at the MTV Movie Awards

Another red carpet event, another chance for Hollywood’s elite to make worldwide headlines and inspire your clients with a fresh hair detail or new look altogether. At this week’s MTV Movie Awards there were a few looks in particular that caught the eye, and some familiar faces changed it up again to give us new red carpet hair talking points.

You can thank the follow celebs for igniting your imagination when it comes to formal hair…

1. Gigi Hadid


We still have major trust issues since Gigi Hadid went faux-short last year (we’re working on it, ok?) and fooled us all. This week, she sported what we have to assume is a faux-fringe (there are those trust issues again) and some 70s-style, shag-like volume.

2. Cara Delevingne


At first glance, and from certain angles, it seemed Cara had just worn her hair in stock-standard waves – it turns out her hidden braid may have done it’s job a little too well. The unique touch added a nice bit of interest (when you finally found the sneaky detail, that is), running along the part of the hair and behind the ear in a simple style perfect for edgy everyday wear.

3. Kendall Jenner


This cute bubble ponytail proved effective, adding a new twist on an uncomplicated tied-back look, with enough ease for your clients to complete between salon visits for a range of occasions.

4. Charlize Theron  Charlize

From the front, it looked like Charlize Theron had plainly tied her back, but a quick turn to the side revealed so much more – a quirky multi-bun Mohawk to be exact. Enzo Agileri created the look for ghd, adding elegance and intricacy to an unusually complex red carpet look.

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