Hairdressing students from some of Sydney’s leading training colleges were encouraged to compete and attend the IHS ‘Battle of the Colleges’ at the Burwood RSL on Monday May 11.

The impressive series of catwalk presentations had four colleges battling it out for the hotly contested award with each college nominating a student representative to give a quick insight into their chosen theme and inspiration.

The eyes of more than 500 guests were drawn to the stage for more than one hour of dynamic hair and choreography.

Victory Institute chose Brazilian Carnivale and filled the stage with colour and celebration, while Australian International Academy used the blockbuster hit Hairspray to reflect a variety of styles and cultures. Australasian college used highly-stylised vocalist, Grace Jones as inspiration and Punks around the world were a drawcard for LKJ college.

Winning for the second time, Australasian College of Hair, Beauty and Make up at Broadway gave a high-impact presentation with stunning models, dancers and buff bodies celebrating Grace Jones, elegance and gregarious behaviour.

Sponsored by Hair and Beauty Association NSW and QLD (formerly the PHA) and judged by Brian Manago (chairperson of judges) Warren Nesbitt (auditor), Mario Nasso (chairperson of Hair and Beauty Association), Jo Cowan (INSTYLE magazine), Karen Hopwood (make up artist and editorial stylist), Lee Nesbitt (three times IHS Australian hairdresser of the year) and Margaret Easton (IHS National Vice President), the fun event kick started the competition calendar for 2009.



Host of the event, Peter Elchaar said the level of competition was simply outstanding, “ The colleges demonstrated the professionalism of the industry in general and showcased the amazing talent that is fit for the world stage. The competition just gets better and better each year,” he said.

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