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Calvin Klein 40th Anniversary

The invitation alluded to a spectacular light show and ferry ride to Sydney’s harbour strewn Cockatoo Island, but the city’s cool kids never expected a party like this.

Calvin Klein held a spectacular 40th anniversary
celebration in Sydney last week

The celebration was in honour of Calvin Klein’s 40th Anniversary – a brand that cemented itself as fashion icon with blue jeans in the late 1970’s and provocative underwear campaigns in the 1980’s.

The budget for this run-down warehouse eye candy affair must have been bigger than the muscles lined up behind the bar – model-like bartenders donning snug-in-all-the-right-places CK jeans maintained the cocktail glasses of the likes of Lara Bingle, Ryan Phillippe, Abbie Cornish and Tom Williams as they feasted on a combination of designer texture and colour.

The highlight (so to speak) of the evening was the aboriginal art show that zig-zagged via UV lamps about the feet of models clad in bright and classic CK wear – if the evening was indicative of CK’s next ten years, style muses should be excited.

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