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Charitable Keune ball sees snow in Sydney

The iconic Argyle in Sydney’s historic suburb of The Rocks was transformed into a winter wonderland last Sunday night for the annual Keune Foundation Ball.

Hair Expo 2009

Marking Australia’s 2009 Hair Expo, the Foundation Ball raised funds for people whose family members have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Keune raised capital through the sale of tickets, donations and auctions, and the company’s generous suppliers and clients emptied their pockets for the charitable cause.

Designed around the central theme of ‘From Russia with Love’, a snow maker in The Argyle’s cobbled courtyard swathed the area with snowflakes and frosted guests, who were extravagantly dressed in accordance with the theme. The Argyle’s interior was adorned with white paper lanterns strung from the venue’s heritage listed timber beams, which were illuminated by ultra violet lights.

Hair Expo 2009

White and dark chocolate fondue fountains satisfied sweeter palates and cocktail waiters circled with delicately prepared hors d’oeuvres. Guests enjoyed sparkling wine and cocktails and were entertained by a DJ late into the night. Acclaimed stylists and industry personalities were included on Keune’s door list, dressed in white Alaskan-inspired faux fur and sparkling ice queen costumes. Guests were thrilled with a dramatic fire throwing display that blazed in contrast to the stark white backdrop.

Hair Expo 2009

Since the Dutch company’s inception 86 years ago, Keune has been renowned for producing high quality hair products and has established a philanthropic reputation through work with disadvantaged community groups. Following last weekend’s charitable extravaganza, the Keune Foundation Ball has been etched on the list of premier industry events not to be missed.


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