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FAME Team Australia 2014

Recently reconnected and re-aligned with the prestigious British Fellowship of Hairdressing, M. Division have proudly re-launched the official FAME Team Australia, writes Adeline Kintono.

Craig Smith

FAME (which stands for Fellowship Academy of Merit and Excellence) endeavours to cultivate next generation of talents and team will be made up four stand-out, upcoming artists on both the local and international stage. 

Benni Tognini

Current President of the British Fellowship, Errol Douglas OBE, expressed his support for the re-launch.

Dennis Langford

“The spirit of FAME is about identifying new talent. It is a programme that looks to cultivate young hairdressers through a 360-degree approach to creative and technical education and training. With a clear focus on supporting this philosophy, the British Fellowship is proud to support M. Division in the re-launch of the Official Fame Team Australia and we look forward to working closely with the team in the future.”

Frank Apostolopoulos

Leesa Smith from Beehive Creative and an AHC Youth Worx Mentor has been engaged as the official FAME Team Australia Mentor for the 12-month program. Australian mentors include names such as Benni Tognini, Craig Smith, Dennis Langford, Matt Clements, Jayne Wild, Richard Kavanagh, Shane Henning, Sharon Blain, Tracey Hughes and current AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the year Frank Apostolopoulos.

Jayne Wild

“Young people are the fuel of our industry’s future. Throughout my career I havehad the great fortune to coach and mentor some incredible talented young people, it is a role I take very seriously and one, which I find wholly enriching. I am really excited about working with the team here and in the UK to seek out our ‘bright young things’ of the future,” said Leesa.

Matt Clements

The program this year will include group participation and individual mentoring sessions, with local and international leaders in education, business and artistic fields. Team will also have an exclusive opportunity to present on the Mainstage throughout Hair Expo 2014, participate in an editorial fashion shoot in a multiple city overseas trip, and will be given an intimate mentoring session with world-class artist and definitive icon, Angelo Seminara.

Richard Kavanagh

Would you like the opportunity to be part of the FAME Team Australia? The entry process kicks off with a nomination by the FAME candidate’s salon owner/Manager. Their submission for entry includes a selection of their photographic work, a detailed CV and an in-depth interview.

Sharon Blain

Entries close at 5pm on November 29th 2013. 

Tracey Hughes

For more information contact Laurie Creasy from Lily Blue Communications on

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