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Hair Expo: American Crew All Stars


American CREW, showcased their latest Collection and brand new product, Superglue, to a sell-out audience at Hair Expo – writes Tara Spencer.

The American Crew All Star Team wowed its audience at Hair Expo, presenting the latest and greatest in men’s cuts and styling. Gary McKenzie, Daniel Ravech and Lino D’Adderio jointly hosted three separate demonstrations with the overall theme centred on the creation of tall and lean shapes which retained masculinity. 

The first session was based on styling curly hair while minimising frizziness. For this collection, the education and marketing teams came together for the very first time to release four new products in conjunction with the latest look.

During this segment, the team stressed the importance of cutting hair horizontally, moving from one side of the head to the other. They also begged the audience to abandon any nonsensical fears of using razors on longer hair; instead encouraging them to embrace the tool by roughly running it through horizontally-suspended locks to create fractured ends.

The focal point of the second session was American Crew’s Superglue product – a high-hold, high-shine gel inspired by the idea of a looser version of James Dean.

“We know men don’t like to spend a long time styling their hair, so Superglue can be applied straight to wet hair fresh out of the shower. Unlike other gels, this product still allows your hair to move without that crispy, rock-hard look,” Gary said.

The educational seminar concluded with the showcase of the “Sport” collection, which focused on a shorter, easier-to-maintain athletic look. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s “Mad Men” fashion making a comeback worldwide, the hair was extremely clean and well-groomed.

“This classic tapered look is all about bringing back cutting techniques using clippers while incorporating a contemporary edge. It is incredibly versatile – it can be worn clean during the week and then injected with attitude for the weekend. The job should always be hand-finished with scissor over comb,” Gary said.

The American Crew All Star Team argued that it is a hairdresser’s responsibility to teach male clients the value of a good haircut. Hairdressers must explain how certain styles can complement face shapes and bring out features, while creating unintimidating looks that can be replicated at home.

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