Two time NZ Hairdresser of the Year, Mana Dave and his Kiwi crew showcased the best in colour, design and editorial hairdressing at this year’s Hair Expo.

Kiwi inspired creativity was live onstage at Hair Expo with Mana Dave of Blaze Hair taking the audience on a whirlwind tour of colour, design and editorial hairdressing processes under the banner “Katalyst”.

Mana Dave of Blaze Hair

Joined onstage by fellow Kiwi creatives from Blaze Hair, Me, Dharma and Betjeman’s salons, the show focused on key trends and the vibrant personalities of those that create them.

“We want to take you on a journey that inspires,” said Dave. “These looks are commercial but inspired by runway; it’s about expressing creativity but making money.”

Two themes, Girly Girl and Androgynous, were brought to life onstage with up to four stylists working on models at any one time and with the addition of a session photographer snapping the completed looks.

Inspired by the glamour and sensual personalities of Dita von Teese and Katy Perry, Girly Girl presented voluminous and textured styles armed with a strong lip colour and an outfit that demanded attention, not to mention a vibrant hair colour

“Reds are the new black,” said Dave. “We’re also returning to the age of the blow wave and setting; coming full circle from the flat iron.”

With Andre Pejic the model du jour, we are seeing the resurgence of androgynous trends with the Kiwi crew presenting squared coiffed styles with strong masculine side parting and flat, matte hair colour, displaying how cut and texture work for these looks on men and women.

Armed with a cheeky and fun-loving attitude, Mana Dave and his Kiwi crew inspired and delighted an audience who left feeling “sweet as”.