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Hair Expo: Wild Life Hair’s Blunt

Wild Life Hair’s “Look and Learn” hour-long forum showcased the salon’s “Blunt” collection, translated through cut, colour and education – writes Tara Spencer.

Jayne Wild of Wild Life Hair

Wild Life Hair showcased their “Blunt” collection, which one might expect to focus on blunt cutting styles. However, colour also shared the spotlight. Ali Holmes, Educational Director and co-owner of Wild Life Hair SoGo in Surry Hills said the name of the collection also translated into the educational nature of the show as the stylists wanted to be as blunt and honest with the audience as possible.

The hairstyles displayed shared a strong rounded feel, emphasising horseshoe shapes with solid full fringes. A somewhat androgynous look was widely flaunted, as the backs of the models’ heads were almost shaved. While the cuts exhibited sharp lines and edges, the colours were noticeably softer and rounder to pare back the starkness of the style.

The team of colourists kept their tones dark throughout the underneath layers but used lighter shades on top to reflect the centre sections and produce an extremely natural look. One method used to create the illusion of depth was to apply colour only mid-way up the hair, avoiding the roots.

“We want to create a harmony of colour and utilise shadows by working with just one spectrum of colour. Having a richer tone up top creates dimension, as the contrasting light and shade creates a texturised look,” Ali explained.

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