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Hairhouse Warehouse National Conference

Re-instating their position as Australia’s leading Hair and Beauty brand, the 2012 Hairhouse Warehouse National conference united the industry beneath the theme of celebrating ‘20 years of success’.

Every year the industry’s leading suppliers and the Hairhouse Warehouse family celebrate a stronghold that continues to grow at a rapid rate. The 2012 conference culminated in more than $8.5 million in orders with leading suppliers, double digit growth in salon services and retail combined and last but not least, the ‘Premihair’ awards that celebrate the superior growth and development within the 141 strong salon group that has welcomed 8 new stores since this time last year.

Joseph and Tony Lattouf

The underlying messages throughout the presentations and team building exercises at the conference focused heavily on the increase in salon services – a rapidly growing aspect of the Hairhouse Warehouse business that further testifies their position as not just a leading hair and beauty retailer, but a full service hair and beauty destination that is celebrating 20 fruitful years.

“There is a savvy new consumer out there with new demands and new needs and Hairhouse Warehouse is delivering on those whether it’s in the service department, piercing and retail sales. Business is about innovation and marketing. Innovation gives you the opportunity to evolve and marketing helps you get that message of evolution to the public,” said Hairhouse Warehouse General Manager, Arthur Mitroulas.

Erika Heynatz, Clint Paddison and Arthur Mitroulas

The significant emphasis on salon over the duration of the conference stems from each and every salon mastering the Hairhouse Warehouse three core competencies of salon, piercing and retail.

“We have game changers in our business network, new ideas and it’s all for the purpose of changing people’s lives and if we deliver on that opportunity the success will continue to come,” Arthur said.

“We need to understand what the consumer wants and how do to deliver it in the best possible way. This year we’ve continued to have success with retail. 7.8 per cent like for like growth in 2012 just on retail and when we combine salon and piercing with this its double digit growth and I’d like to congratulate you all. Success for me is about the love,” Arthur said.

Franchisee of the Year Award winners

This success combines with an excess of 15 per cent growth in salon services – largely due to an increased focus on salon in each store and store refurbishments to enhance the salon. Currently there are more than 40 salon refurbishments taking place.

“We have moved away from the retail era of lazy buying and we have to make it easier for the customer to get what they want – Our new stores are reflecting this, with a focus on salon and strong retail brand representation,” he said.

Salon of the Year Award winner

Sponsored by Dateline Imports, the first supplier Joseph and Tony Lattouf ever received a helping hand from more than 20 years ago, the Premihair awards again featured special guest and ‘Face of Hairhouse Warehouse’ Erika Heynatz. Filling the room with emotion, passion and the culmination of hard work.

Franchisee of the Year Award – Jason & Jodie Kliese
Salon of the Year Award – Albury
Body Piercing Store of the Year Award – Greensborough
Most Improved Store of the Year Award – Gateways
New Store of the Year Award – Chadstone 2
Customer Service of the Year Award – Robina
Local Area Marketing of the Year Award – Wollongong
Manager of the Year Award Rachel Pont – Liverpool
Hall of Fame Inductee – Tony Zoobi
Hall of Fame Inductee – Michelle Makoul

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Hairhouse Warehouse National Conference

Another stellar conference has wrapped for rapidly growing hairdressing and retail giant Hairhouse Warehouse. Themed ‘Hairforce One’, the fundamental four days culminated in more than 6 million in orders with leading suppliers and the ‘Premihair’ awards that celebrate the superior growth and development within the 131 strong salon group.

There’s no denying that the Hairhouse Warehouse group are in the ‘Go Zone’ and its not just because of the high-energy group activities throughout the four days at the Hyatt Coolum that focused on the crucial areas filling salon chairs, increasing salon services and empowering the salon team – it was further testament to the reality that growth can only be achieved with a unified vision. It was an inspirational four days made special not just because of the community spirit but by initiatives such as the ‘Dream Team’ salon panel discussion where some of the group’s leading franchisees shared priceless advice and guidance to an audience passionate about growth.

Coupled with a seamless program thanks to Silvanna Murray and the immense drive of Operations Manager, Julie O’Shea some of our nation’s best guest speakers including Mark McKeon, Pat Mesiti and Martin Grunstein had the perfect canvas to impart their message.

It’s through the stellar line up and community spirit that Hairhouse Warehouse understand that motivation, financial development and personal mindset are key factors to continual accomplishment.

“True success comes from the mindset of business owners and motivating the team be the best they can be. I’m a Personal Development Coach but I believe sales success and personal development is strongly linked,” said Pat Mesiti. And it’s this personal development through a super-sleek operations team and a support team of over 60 that Hairhouse Warehouse continues to focus on year after year.

Tony Lattouf, Chris Williams, Erika Heynatz (Hairhouse Warehouse Style Ambassador) and Joseph Lattouf

Hairhouse Warehouse General Manager Arthur Mitroulas, cites a continual evolution of systems and procedures while always looking for new opportunities, alliances, products and partnerships as crucial to the company’s continued growth.

“Our strategy is simple in that our aim to provide good two way communication to ensure that we are a trusted reference for a consumer’s hair and beauty needs,” said Arthur.

“What we are doing with the new look and feel of Hairhouse Warehouse is isolating the salon and giving it an identity of its own, it’s our aim to shift the business model so consumers see us as a true salon with a more inviting fitout,” he said.

Eight new Hairhouse Warehouse stores have opened in the last financial year and they are aiming for another 20 in the next 12 months.
“We have grown by 5 per cent like for like in the last financial year and in particular our salon services have grown by 15 per cent. Overall we’ve had 9.8 per cent growth,” which in a relatively flat market shows the true conviction of the brand.

There are currently 165,000 Hairhouse Warehouse Loyalty Club members and the company has a target of one million within the next 12 months.

Through building this network, Hairhouse Warehouse is also escalating its online presence via an array of trend-driven updates and blogs that will feature guest experiences by Hairhouse Warehouse Style Ambassador, Erika Haynatz.

“The first year partnership was an opportunity to initiate a connection with the customers and the brand. My 10-15 years experience working in entertainment and most specifically fashion and beauty are very useful for the blog. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some of the top stylists and make up artists,” said Erika.

Joseph and Tony Lattouf

“I love trying new products and I immediately get excited about them –it’s great to impart the latest tricks with the Hairhouse Warehouse community. We’re receiving a lot of comments back from consumers and the television campaign I’m featured in has sent a great message about the credibility of salon services,” she said.

With such consistent growth interest from overseas markets is continuing to leverage the brand into a more global business model.

Rod Young from DC strategy has been contracted to research the company’s international expansion plans, which we will see realized in 2012.

Discussions with both global and national suppliers are all part of sharing the success of the family business that is organically becoming a global brand.

“The research has been going on for two years and we have created blueprint of what a master plan for the international business needs to be. We have already started the recruitment process and we are asking existing franchisees for expressions of interest as well as looking at what new partners we can work with,” Rod said.

“We have received particular interest from the US, Singapore and India and after conducting a hygiene test criteria we’ve come up with 24 countries for potential expansion,” he said.

More of an online presence will eventuate in 2012, with the HHWH site becoming a platform to showcase trends and provide the opportunity to profile each store’s own character, personality and the identity.

Arthur Mitroulas, Joseph Lattouf, Emad & Nic Nayef (Franchisee of the Year winners), Tony Lattouf and Julie O’Shea

“It will enable consumers to look at the profile of their local store, see what services they specialize in while boosting the individual franchise profile,” Arthur said.

In terms of merchandising , the group is making it easier for customers to de-select what products they don’t want – with an enhanced ability to find a product from a brand perspective, which is all part of the company’s new look stores that draw more of a focus to salon services. The new Bondi and Burwood stores in NSW are among the first to adopt the new look and feel.

“We now have a new program called space management- space management and range optimisation. Instead of a franchisee carrying everything we focus on what gets a return on space,” Arthur said.

“We’re moving away from the retail era of lazy buying and making it easier for the customer to get what they want – We shouldn’t expect the customer to pick out of products and our new stores are reflecting this,” he said.

“Key to our success over the past year has notably been through innovation, customer service and by constantly providing value to our customers. It’s really understanding what the consumer wants and providing value that can only be offered at Hairhouse Warehouse,” said Arthur.

“By increasing our value, we increase our loyalty base and create greater frequency of purchase. Innovations such as Warehouse Blitz campaign continue to be iconic campaigns for us.

A lot of the ordering placed at the conference is to plan for the Christmas period which represents 22 per cent of HHWH sales for the year, which a substantial amount is Christmas packs and retail promotions exclusive to us,” he said.

PremiHair Awards sponsored by Dateline Imports

The PremiHair Awards sponsored by Dateline Imports have quickly become a hotly contested awards platform within the Hairhouse Warehouse group, and following on from Bec and Tim Arriola scooping the Franchise of The Year Award for the last two years – this year it was time for a resurgence in the Nayef family, with Emad and Nic Nayef reclaiming their victory.

Other deserving winners contributing to the substantial growth of the franchise include: 

New Store of the Year – Wollongong, NSW
Most Improve Store of the Year – Sunbury, VIC
Local Area Marketing of the Year – Rockhampton, QLD
Customer Service of the Year – Rockhampton, QLD
Body Piercing Store of the Year – Miranda, NSW
Salon of the Year – Albury, NSW
Franchisee of the Year – Emad & Nic Nayef, VIC
Hall of Fame – Christian Georgiou 

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Hairhouse Warehouse National Conference

The driving force that is Hairhouse Warehouse has united at the Sunshine Coast’s Hyatt Regency Coolum – 99 franchisees, 24 suppliers and 250 guests is testament to the brand’s leading role in the future of hair and beauty.

Tracey Mason , winner of the HHWH ‘Classic Beautiful Hair’ competition, and friends

With a mind-blowing 119 stores across Australia, half of which dominate Victoria’s hair and retail landscape, Hairhouse Warehouse is no ordinary franchise. The brand has sights set on 200 stores in the next two years while doubling their foothold in NSW is key to their expansion plans – higher than average rents in NSW is one of the main challenges for the group. 

Joseph and Tony Lattouf held their first Hairhouse Warehouse conference more than 10 years ago in Portsea Melbourne with just a handful of franchises and a whole lot of passion and belief in their business model which has had more traction than any other brand among middle-market Australians wanting top brands and value in their professional hair care services.

Hairhouse Warehouse General Manager, Arthur Mitroulas said, “The conference provides an opportunity for all of our franchisees to meet each other in a collective environment, find business benchmarking strategies and fill the profile of the brand.”

“It’s just one part of a the communication strategy for our franchisees – twice per year we have state conventions and every two months each territory gets together with the Operations support team and the Hairhouse Warehouse support team to discuss anything relevant to their business,” he said.

The rapidly growing community is the largest employer of hair professionals in the country – with over 947 staff – an impressive number that grows daily.

In the beginning there was not such a strong involvement from the industry’s leading suppliers – The group now represents a serious account for any hair brand. “We ask our suppliers to sponsor elements of the conference and also provide them with the enormous expo day opportunity whereby each supplier can have a booth to present specific spring and Christmas promotions while getting some face to face contact with the franchisees,” Arthur said. It’s a serious business where today, more than $6 million worth of transactions will take place across leading hair companies such as L’Oreal group, Wella, Schwarzkopf and Sabre corporation to name a few, are renew their partnerships with special sales and education support in both colour and retail as well as merchandising initiatives.

“It’s the only time outside of Hair Expo that all the suppliers and the management teams come together at one conference,” Arthur said.

One of the Hairhouse Warehouse founders, Joseph Lattouff announced that later this year the company is opening its first international store, with high-demand coming from international professionals. Asia will be the first areas to develop in, with Singapore and Hong Kong key targets.

“The Hairhouse Warehouse business is evolving and being refined to create more lucrative business offers in haircare and services. Passion is crucial in our business, you either have it or you don’t – it’s about a win win for both parties. We used to talk about it as a family business but it’s evolved into a community and we are constantly looking at how we can be better, stronger and employ the right people to support our franchisees,” Joseph said.

“For years we have been building partnerships with suppliers and we are now considered as leaders in the industry. Our surveys are also revealing that we are now considered as real hairdressing destinations and not just a retail store – we are always adding new services and If we have a problem with a franchisee we will personally help them sort it out – it’s a very emotional industry and we always have to be mindful of that,” Joseph said.

A Gala Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday night July 22 where prestigious awards such as Franchisee of the Year and the Customer Service Award will be presented before the conference culminates on July 23 with a presentation by the drummer from leading pop band – Pink.

With a staff and salon number growing almost daily – Hairhouse Warehouse will be making headlines in both the community and the industry for many moons to come.