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Have You Got The Balls For Change?

Chumba Concept Salons in Melbourne have challenged Sydney’s Stevie English in clash of foil-on-foil to see who has the biggest balls in Australian hairdressing. In what is being heralded as the biggest hair event of the year, in Melbourne at least, a different stylist from each salon is competing every week until Hair Expo in June to see how many foils they can recycle, with recycled aluminium champion Refoil being the foil of choice.

Refoil’s How Big Are Your Balls campaign image

Cleverly, each salon is rallying support and extra sales from their client by linking the challenge to in-salon colour ‘specials’ and a weekly weigh-in will reveal which stylist has the biggest balls.

“How dare they think their Balls are Bigger than ours. It’s Melbourne versus Sydney, G-Bangers versus Gumboots, Latte’s versus Low Calorie Beer, SunTan versus Fake Tan, Wetsuits versus ummm…other Wet Stuff – it’s on hombre, it’s on!” said Carl Keeley, chief coach, Refoil advocate and owner of Chumba.

Both salons are staunch converts to Refoil, the only foil brand made from recycled aluminium, which is distributed by Orb Distribution.
Eco-warrior extraordinaire, Stevie Corthine, owner of Stevie English, has accepted Chumba’s challenge.

“I love a bit of competition,” he mocked, adding “All the foil is being recycled, sold to a reseller and the funds donated to a charity of our choosing, starting with the Starlight Foundation.”

Pete Koziell of Chumba Concept Salon

The ‘foil-off’ is the realisation of a dream by head promoter and Refoil creator, Paul Frasca to highlight the problem of aluminium foil waste in the hair industry. Currently more than 1.5 million kilos of foil and tubes end up in the landfill every year where it takes more than 500 years to degrade. But Paul and his Refoil partner Ewelina Soroko have created a way to ensure more of it goes to be recycled. It’s called The Crush, where used tubes are crunched together with used foils to create balls big enough to be picked up by the recycling machinery.

“A single foil or a few just stuck together will be missed by the recyclers and sent to landfill, so we all need to adopt The Crush. That way all our foil waste is recycled,” said Paul. “So I challenge all hairdressers out there, exactly How Big Are Your Balls?”

For further information on the Refoil initiative, contact Orb Distribution on 1300 071 714 or check out

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