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Jennifer Lawrence Goes Ice Blonde

Everyone’s favourite golden girl is a little less golden this week, after changing her hair to an icier tone. We’re talking, of course, about Jennifer Lawrence, who stepped out at the CinemaCon Sony Picture event to promote her new film with a noticeable change in hair tone. Golden locks out – ice blonde locks in.


The change shifts J-Law further from blonde and closer to white –drawing from the newly popular Snowlights trend, which favours these white tones. The trend became popular in January, during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, and now that Jen has drawn attention back to it, it’s ideal for Australia’s upcoming colder months. The trend was devised by colourist Chloe Ascott of London salon Hare & Bone and bares it’s name from the technique of ‘sprinkling’ the highlights on the hair. The highlights stem from the crown of the head and are coloured in a snowflake formation. They’re especially suited to silver and platinum tones – perfect for Elsa, J-Law and your blonde-seeking clients.

Jen is no stranger to exploration when it comes to her hair, having changed it up length-wise by previously chopping her locks into a pixie cut (she currently sports a very trendy lob) and altering her hue through various shades of blonde, all the way to brunette, a colour that she famously adopted to portray Hunger Games warrior Katniss Everdeen.

While she has been going progressively lighter at every awards show, this look is by far her brightest yet. As you’ll know from your salon business, J-Law is something of a trendsetter. If #snowlightshair was popular before, it’ll be trendier than ever now!

Will your clients suit this look?

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