It’s always #breakinghairnews when one of the Kardashians opts for a big change, with the Internet usually set somewhat ablaze and your clients immediately intrigued (even if they won’t always admit it). So the fact that Khloe Kardashian unveiled her shortest ever haircut on Instagram this week is kind of a big deal.

Khloe earlier in the year @khloekardashian on Instagram

The bob style was shown off on her hair stylist Jen Atkin’s social media channels, showcasing a carefree Khloe with her new short hair and updated platinum locks (the colour of which was credited to Tracey Cunningham on Instagram).

The Kardashian/Jenner crew are known to play around with extensions (as Kylie Jenner’s hairdressers can attest to here) and have other tools at their disposal to make a drastic cut a lot less daunting than it may be for your clients, but now that Khloe’s officially gone short, the bob is officially trending. While this stylistic freedom has meant Khloe’s length has fluctuated all year, this new cut is notably her shortest style yet.

After the cut @jenatkinhair on Instagram

While a short, blonde style is ideal for Khloe’s current American summer, we think it’s an equally chic style with which to brave Aussie winter. Bona fide trendsetters (like it or not), the Kardashians have re-sparked platinum’s popularity (thanks Kim), given rise to granny hair (that was Kylie) and facilitated a myriad of rainbow trends (also Kylie). This look will surely be the next Kardashian style brought in as a point of reference to your salon chair.

Take note.