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label.m launches Split-end Sealer Compact

Set at Balmoral’s famous Bather’s Pavilion, label.m whisked Sydney’s fashion, beauty and social set to the beachfront on a brisk July morning recently to launch their latest product innovation.

While the sun shone intermittently through the clouds as guests piled to the rooftop of the Bather’s Pavilion- there was an inkling that we’d be first to witness a new product that would help us brave the harsh Australian elements – wild-roaming imaginations were imminent as ‘the latest must-have accessory to hit your handbag’ was soon to be presented.

In what seems to be a true ‘industry first’, label.m fashionably launched the ‘Split end Sealer Compact’ – a hot hair accessory that takes pride of place with the compact bronzer in a woman’s handbag – it also promises to seal split ends and control frizz while providing scintillating shine.

Not only is the new compact perfect for short hair textures in need of some extra definition, the creamy gel texture tames wavy and curly hair with picture perfect precision – so perfect that there’s a mirror in the lid to ensure high-fashion heiress hair can be achieved on the go.

The heavy zinc metal casing ensure’s the products quality and it will definitely weigh down a diva’s already drowning handbag. At $105.00 RRP label.m has definitely created an entirely new market but don’t despair, the product can be refilled for $49.95.

Label.m is sold through all Toni&Guy salons nationally and word has it that ‘the fashion label for hair’ is now distributed in more than 150 Australian salons. The Split-end Sealer Compact will be available from August.

Guests left the breakfast launch after an equally heavy stack of pancakes and eggs benedict – from the looks of some of the crowd, it was a feast that could last them all day. Fashion editor’s expressed their excitement over the product to label.m General Manager, Brad Raper and I guess when hair and fashion are so intrinsically linked it was only a matter of time before a hair company decided to impress actors, the fashion industry and Nikki Webster at a breakfast that took all morning.

The key to label.m’s brand loyalty just involves one quick hair check in the mirror it seems.

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