Lorna Evans certainly made the most of her experience at Salon International, with performances, workshops and glamorous shows keeping her busy throughout her UK stay, writes Shannon Gaitz.

She took to the stage for a 45 minute presentation at ExCeL, the product of a partnership with ghd that featured beautiful gowns by Adrian Bresannati worn by the four models. 

The charm of the shows didn’t take away from the teaching of flawless technique. A four-hour workshop for UK salon group, Eleven, focussed on long hair styling within a business, with audience members taking away important skills.

A secret show of hair artistry followed, where Evans joined Sassoons’ Mark Hayes, Tim Hartley and X-PRESSIONS in a showcase of their personal specialties, the flawless designs created to the soundtrack of a live acoustic band on stage. 

“London was such a great experience. I was there for a week to soak up the atmosphere with like-minded salonistas and was in my element just taking in what other artists are up to,” said Evans with her trademark bravado. She’s back on Australian soil to transfer these experiences to her eagerly awaiting local students. 

For more information about Lorna Evans visit www.lornaevanseducation.com.au.