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Maurice Meade awards young talent

Iconic Western Australian hairdressing group, Maurice Meade hosted its 12th annual New Talents night in October – the perfect platform for young talents to showcase their skills and creativity.

New Talent of the Year winner – model

With hosts Ross Wallman and Mel Lucarelli from Nova 92.9, the engaging event was injected with fresh energy and a comedic undertone which kept guests on the edge of their seats throughout the two hour celebration.

Every October more than 250 guests congregate for the evening of style, fashion and avant-garde hair to not only be entertained but to gain an insight into Maurice Meade’s young talents and their interpretations fashion trend for 2010. This year, a video from each entrant also enabled guests to connect and understand the ideas and inspiration behind the enthusiastic stylists’ entries.

Maurice Meade, New Talent of the Year winner Michelle D’Ascenzo and model

From the looks of the work that graced the stage, contrasting textures and bold colour options will prevail in 2010 while all entrants impressed the judges with their fashion interpretations and understanding of the ‘total look’ concept. Judges included Sam O’Dowd from L’Oréal Professionnel, Maurice Meade and Cameron Pine from INSTYLE magazine while awards were presented by long-term Maurice Meade house model Kristy Gatwick and AMA rep Noelle Jones.

More than 50 apprentices participated in groups and themes were banished for 2009 with entrants allowed to present their own interpretation of current trends. Not only did the hosts seamlessly execute the event – the overall production of the event was energetic and polished, in-tune with trends and reflected the connection young minds have to international fashion.

The 2009/10 New Talent of the Year was awarded to Michelle D’Ascenzo, with the runner up being awarded to Sarah Zindani and the Makeup Artist of the Year to Tahlia Lustini.

Choreography, hair, makeup and fashion styling culminated in an extraordinary presentation fit for the international stage which reinforced Maurice Meade’s investment in their brand and their commitment to the future success of the industry and its professionals.

Hosts Ross Wallman and Mel Lucarelli

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