Where many things have changed over the last thirty years, Rakis on Collins has stood the test of time on Melbourne’s Collins St, where it opened thirty years ago, writes Shannon Gaitz.

While the location remains the same, the business has certainly evolved. A simple salon started by Stavros Tavrou in 1983, it now boasts over 100 business and industry awards, a notable clientele of famous faces, including U2’s Bono who Tavrou once styled himself, and an impressive staff believed impossible from such humble beginnings. 

Thirty years in the industry was celebrated with a birthday party this month, birthday cake included with a tiny model of Tavrou adorned on top. Staff, clients and others held nearest and dearest received more than just the Christopher Montebello – owner of Let them Eat Cake – masterpiece, enjoying a sushi station and a night of excitement, with music provided by DJ Jesus Loyola. 

“I’ve been very lucky to have a salon that has stood the test of time and weathered the many economic storms over the years and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my amazing and loyal clients and the staff that I have worked with past and present,” Tavrou said graciously in the night’s speech, calling special attention to James Razos, who has been with industry in almost its entire run as well. 

“I can’t believe I’m still here celebrating this wonderful milestone in my career and business. Who would have thought Rakis would still be here today on Collins St?” he questioned.

For more information about Rakis on Collins visit www.rakis.com.au.