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The 5 Major Hair Trends from Coachella

Coachella 2016 is now done and dusted, and while we have already shed some light on our favourite celebrity hair moments from the event, it’s time to bring it back to the trends us mere mortals (and our equally mortal clients) can rock come festival season. The A-listers and roughly 63,000 of their fellow attendees set the bar for festival hair, giving you a few things to try before Splendour and the other big festivals roll around.


Image via Glamour

What are your thoughts on these major Coachella hair trends?

1. The Double Bun


Is there an easier festival hair look than the double bun? If your clients can master the top knot, they can surely do it twice, and rock this favoured festival look straight from Coachella.

2. Glitter Roots


Another definitive Coachella hair trend came courtesy of glitter roots, which merges the fairy-like quality of music festivals and the revolving door of Internet hair trends that sustain millennials. More info on the trend here.

3. Rainbow Hair


It will come as no surprise that colourful hair is back for festival season, and any trend that drives patrons into salons for a professional colour and maintenance is a tick in our book. Full rainbow, rainbow ends, multi-colours, singular bright colours and so much more all made appearances at Coachella.

4. Accent Braids


This brings us to the braid portion of this article (what festival hair story would be complete without it?) – where we start with its subtlest of iterations. Accent braids provide a chic added detail to the hair without overpowering it, best worn with a colour or accessory, such as a simple coloured string woven through the braid. Part braids, as recently worn by Cara Delevingne, proved another popular style. These are all tricks your clients can master.

5. Double Braids


Image via Pop Sugar

Another perpetual festival hair trend made its mark on Coachella – while people wore braids in every permutation, the dual-braid was an undeniably popular take.

Bring on festival season!


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