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Toni&Guy’s International Artistic Team present the latest looks

The international artistic team from Toni&Guy presented a seminar at Australia’s Hair Expo last weekend, delving into the client mindset and the evolving role of the stylist, whilst showcasing live demonstrations.

Bill Watson showcases the latest cutting techniques

The team was chaired by Jacen Ward and international personnel consisted of Bill Watson, international art director for Toni&Guy UK and Francesco Fontana, international director of education.

Watson stressed the importance of precise technical detail and emphasised how an understanding of its application, not the method itself, is vital in promoting the latest looks to clients. “Clients don’t buy technique, they buy taste,” he said. “They buy details from collections, it’s very rare they buy the whole thing,” he continued. 


A colourful personality himself, Fontana highlighted the opportunities for growth in a tonal sphere. “Colour is becoming more and more saleable, clients buy into it and it is one of the most profitable services in the salon,” he said. 

It is therefore imperative that salons excel in providing clients with colour solutions that exceed their expectations. Unlike cuts, a do-it-yourself colour culture exists, which competes with professional services and demands a higher salon standard.

Francesco Fontana displays colouring techniques

“Clients experience different problems with their hair but all speak the same language,” Watson stressed. “Fundamentally, it’s too big, too flat, too curly, too something and you either solve it creatively or you solve it classically.” He remarked how educated clients have become about their hair due to the constant focus on cut and colour in mainstream media.


Watson emphasised that the role of a stylist has evolved from not only providing clients with the cut they desire, but also educating them about new styles and encouraging them to consider fresh looks to create a signature. “It’s about tailoring and giving clients something unique,” said Fontana. “Hair is the ultimate accessory.”

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