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Trend Alert: Hair Stencilling

As hairdressers, we know better than anyone about the artistry that is a significant facet of hairdressing, particularly when it comes to colour. The latest Instagram trend asks you to bring these skills to the forefront, translating a tried and tested artistic technique to hair.



It’s called Hair Stencilling and it comes into the Instagram spotlight courtesy of Californian stylist Janine Ker and her increasingly audacious social media offerings. Here Janine outlines her method (she draws her diverse designs onto a canvas using coloured pens and pencils and then adapts these designs to the hair using temporary hair spray) and shows off several impressive finished looks.


With the temporary nature of it all, there’s no real risk, appealing to even your more timid clients. As a hairdresser, this allows for free creative reign, a virtue not often allowed in salon. The designs on Janine’s Instagram account range from more minimalistic patterns to complex drawings, all in a myriad of colours, which provides an opportunity for artists of all levels.


The designs also seem to work on most hair types, from long to short and undercuts, as well as on both light and dark tones.


Although it won’t be the first time hairdressers and artists have brought out their old drawing stencils and attempted this technique on hair, the renewed social media buzz has put it further in the spotlight, with the trend appearing online on sites such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Refinery 29.


Simply proving what we’ve always known – there’s no better canvas than hair.

Will you be trying this look out in salon or studio?

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