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Use These 5 Techniques To Break The Editorial Mould

So you’re working on your entry for the Goldwell Color Zoom competition that tasks you with breaking convention and standing out, so much so that the competition’s basis collection, D!SRUPT, breaks the actual word ‘disrupt’ with an exclamation point.

With registrations closing on the 31st of May (eek!), we thought we’d give offer a few ideas to break the mould and cause a little bit of chaos in your editorial offerings. This can be used to shine in front of the Color Zoom judges or just add some interest to editorial looks you’re already working on.


These techniques are pertinent to more than just the competition, and to more than just editorial session work in general. Textural diversity and pops of colour are becoming more and more commonplace on the runway, a rising practice that the D!SRUPT collection aligns itself with. More broadly, the concept of innovation and trying new things is paramount to every facet of the industry.

Which of these techniques will you adopt to change editorial conventions of colour, shape and texture – or, as the competition urges you to innovate, will you come up with your own?

1. Blur the line between smooth and frizzy

Who says your model has to have one consistent texture? Your look can alternate between smooth and frizzy sections, or boast some hybrid combination of the two.

2. Merge matte and wet textures

Better yet, why not completely turn texture on its head by merging or contrasting these two polar opposite textures – matte and wet? This is a particularly daring trend on global runways that you can interpret in your own looks.

3. Change it up between layers

The interior layer of the hair can be totally different from the exterior features of the hair, creating an inherently juxtaposed aesthetic and unorthodox shape.

4. Create unique shapes with different levels of volume

Expanded shapes, fluidity meeting strength and a general playfulness towards volume allow for a unique approach to the hair’s form. Whatever your natural instinct is in regards to the outline of the hair, as a general, do the opposite.


5. Add an unexpected hue

As this is a colouring competition, your audacity with colour is paramount. Neutral tones with a pop of colour, clashing tones and unique placements are just some of the ideas captured in the collection – better yet, surprise us.

Disrupt these conventions, and others relating to fashion styling, beauty and the overall aesthetic for your entry and you could be heading to Stockholm for the 2016 Color Zoom Challenge under categories of Global Creative Colorist, Global New Talent Colorist and Global Partner Colorist.

Pick wisely what statement you want to make and break without trying to master every technique on this list and show the judges just what your interpretation of rule-breaking innovation looks like.

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Images via the D!SRUPT Collection by the 2015 Color Zoom Creative Team

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