Not since the mullet has the ‘business’ and ‘party’ facets of a hair look merged so seamlessly together in one style. You can thank colourist Brittnie Garcia for creating the trends, and Instagram for disseminating it – meet Hidden Rainbow Roots.


Hidden Rainbow Roots is entirely different from the rainbow roots trend that made the rounds months ago. Where that trend abruptly stopped after colouring the roots, creating something of a colourblock effect, this trend sneaks into the under layers of the hair, where the natural colour conceals that sneaky bright colour.

This means the trend’s visibility is reliant on how much colour is used, where the colour is placed and the movement or style of the hair – giving you free creative reign to interpret the trend as you wish. When the hair is styled down, only the bright roots shine through, offering the ideal pop of colour for clients that don’t want to over-do it.

Try it for yourself and don’t forget to share the obligatory Instagram post when you do.