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Wella Professionals Trend Vision 2010

Wella Professionals Trend Vision returns in 2010 with four inspiring new trends to excite hairdressers and clients alike.

Nature’s Goddess

For the first time ever, Wella Professionals Global Creative Directors Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman created the series of stimulating looks for the 2010 competition. First unveiled to nearly 2000 top international stylists at the International Trend Vision Award in Berlin last November, the looks were developed after close consultation with renowned global trend experts.

Nomad Couture, Techno Poetry, Midnight Stage and Nature’s Goddess take inspiration from culture, nature, dreams and theatre.

Nomad Couture

Nomad Couture is the result of a myriad of cultural influences combining to create an eclectic look that celebrates travel and the incredible diversity of our world. Bright acid tones and neon colours are central to this look.

“I drew inspiration from travelling for this look, especially around the Far East – to me this is a very Eastern look. There are contrasts between the really dark ebony tones and vibrant reds that you find in a lot of art and design. Such true colours hint at ancient culture,” said Eugene Souleiman.

Techno Poetry

Techno Poetry brings fantasy into reality with a nod to futurism and femininity – soft blondes combine with shimmering pastels in a playful display of colour.

“This look is very romantic and poetic. I was inspired by relaxed versions of slightly dishevelled 18th century wigs as though the wind had been blowing through them. These colours are slightly powdery which I would describe as Alice in Wonderland meets 21st century,” said Josh Wood.

Midnight Stage

Midnight Stage explores a multitude of different personalities through highly creative colour. Like actors on a stage, this is a look that is big on impact, drama and decadence – indigo and cobalt combine with jet black for head-turning, statement styles.

“I would say this is about multiple personalities for hair. Colour is hugely important with this look. Hair looks like it was lit in a nightclub,” said Wood.

Nature’s Goddess incorporates a lush autumnal palette fusing soft salmons and hot corals with aquamarine and luscious beige-browns. Tousled textures cascade with apricot and ginger tones creating a feel of pure luxury.

“This hair is show stopping! Vintage Gucci was a huge influence, best demonstrating glossy, shiny hair and using strong shades of amber, orange and red to set the mood. Think Brooke Shields – really laid back with sexy hair,” said Wood.

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