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Ambiance Tinted Volume Styling Powder

Direct from LA comes the innovative Ambiance 100 per cent natural, tinted, volumising powder dry shampoo available in five colours. Paraben and preservative free, Ambiance is ideal for all of your salon clients.

Launched in Australia at this years Sydney Hair Expo, Ambiance Cosmetics – the L.A. based producer of innovative and natural beauty products – launched Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo in five hair colours including blonde, brunette, black, red, and grey.

This unique and revolutionary product is 100 per cent natural and incredibly versatile. It’s pure, powder formula does an exceptional job of leaving hair cleansed, refreshed and looking freshly shampooed. It’s equally effective at concealing colour regrowth between hair colour services plus Ambiance can cover areas where hair is thinning.

Ambiance Volumising Dry Shampoo is ideal retail product for every salon as it is not only for busy clients with all hair types and colours, but also clients with sensitive scalps, pregnant women and those travelling who wish to refresh their hair whilst on the go!

Ambiance can conveniently extend the life a hairstyle of blow dry with its gentle, all natural powder formula that instantly cleans and refreshes. With a special applicator brush that delivers powder directly to the roots, Ambience Volumising Dry Shampoo also increases the volume and texture of limp, lifeless hair.

“We know that women today are busier than ever balancing jobs, career, and family responsibilities with social and family time, yet a woman’s hair is one of the first things people notice about her – a strong and highly visible statement about her health, grooming and physical beauty,” said Ambiance Cosmetics President Chelsey Sanderson.

Packaged with a refillable cylinder, the Ambience Volumising Dry Shampoo is easily displayed on your reception desk or in your retail display area. With free tester samples available plus free delivery of orders, now is the ideal time to purchase. 

For further information about Ambiance visit or to order call Helen Sykes on 0430241521.

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