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BaBylissPRO Super Kinker and Super Crimper

babyliss crimper
BaBylissPRO Super Crimper

If you are looking for something new then get kinking! The BaBylissPRO Super Kinker adds undulating, sharp, triangular waves to any hair type. Making hair highly texturised so it appears fuller and outrageously volumised.

For those styling traditionalists, the crimping texture of yesteryear is also making a huge come back. The new BaBylissPRO Super Crimper will create that classic 80’s crimp in an instant.

babyliss kinker

BaBylissPRO Super Kinker

Both irons feature a new slim plate design (only 38mm wide) for closer to the scalp kinking.

The latest in ceramic technology the BaBylissPRO ensures instant heat-up and frizz-free, shiny results. With variable temperatures up to 210ËšC these tools are effective for all hair types. The Super Kinker is available in red whilst the Super Crimper is available in purple.

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