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Cape Crusader to the Rescue

Easydry continues to blaze a trail in eco-friendly products for the hair industry with the launch of its re-engineered technical cape that now biodegrades at a record rate.

Unique and popular, the Easydry water and tint-resistant cape was first launched two years ago. With its impermeable coating on one side to protect clothes and highly absorbent Easydry on the other, to soak up excess colour or drips of product, the smart and comfortable cape fast became a best-seller.

“We were overwhelmed with the response to our cape when it first launched even though we knew salons were desperate for a way to protect clients’ clothes that also looked stylish and fitted in with their upmarket décor,” says Gavin Hinton.

“But as with all our products we are constantly revisiting our designs to improve and perfect them. We have spent the past two years refining our cape so it will break down in compost conditions much faster than previously and at the same rate as Easydry disposable towels. We’ve done this without compromising on style or functionality.”

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, being able to take advantage of the convenience of disposables without the guilt is a huge bonus for salons.

Easydry’s eco-friendly disposable towels allow forward-thinking salons to save energy and water and cut their use of chemicals, as well as demand for cotton, the most polluting crop in the world. And now salons can embrace Easydry capes with the same enthusiasm and trust, knowing their clients’ clothes are absolutely safe from drips or splashes.

To order a free sample from Easydry visit, call 1300 071 714 or email 

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