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Cooling Easydry Towels

The cooling of Easydry towels will transform your salon into a spa, resting comfortably on clients’ faces, hands or necks to cool them during periods of intense heat.

Easydry towels provide cooling in the salon in a personal, effective and affordable way. The towels, refrigerated, refreshing and dipped in lemon or peppermint oils, transform the salon into a spa, resting comfortably on clients faces, hands or necks to cool them during periods of intense heat. 

The product is completely natural, offering a luxurious texture for the client’s skin and lowering the carbon footprint of the salon. “Our smaller towels are perfect for upgrading client care,” said Anne Butterly, Easydry CEO. “Moistened and perfumed, they offer a luxurious way to help overheated clients cool down when they arrive and during their appointment. It’s the perfect touch of spa that every top salon should be offering during the peak summer months,” she said.

Offering a balance of hygiene and luxury, the towels would be an excellent addition to your salon during the summer months, convincing the clients that the number one priority for your salon is their comfort.

Preparing a cold towel:

1. Fill a bowl with cold water and add a few drops of lemon or peppermint essential oil.

2. Wet the folded towel with the scented water.

3. Squeeze out excess moisture carefully.

4. Roll the folded towel.

5. Place in a sealed container and pop into the fridge.

6. Offer to clients on a plate or tray.

For more information about Easydry visit or call 1300 071 714.

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