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Easydry hot and cold towel

Designed with a unique waffled texture, the brand-new Easydry hot and cold eco-towel traps in heat, retains cold and can be used as part of any relaxation treatment. 

The new Easydry hot and cold eco-towel: heat it up, cool it down.

Not only that, the thicker material also stays cool for longer, so you can offer clients a refreshing cold towel and bring a touch of a luxury spa to your salon. Try adding a few drops of essential oil for a relaxing sensation, whether you use the towels hot or cold.

Made from exactly the same high-quality material as Easydry’s much-loved hairdressing eco-towel, but thicker and with the unique waffled finish, the new hot and cold eco-towel feels soft, smells fresh – and as you can throw them away after each use, is 100 per cent hygenic for your clients.

At 43cm x 43cm, the new Easydry hot and cold eco-towel is the ideal size to place on the neck during a head massage,  to use with a hot shave or luxury facial, or as refresher on arrival or at the end of an appointment.

Currently available in white, it’s a completely natural product, made with constant regard for environmental impact at every step of its sourcing, production and delivery.

Easydry also simplifies salon life, freeing staff from the relentless drudgery of laundering, folding and stacking towels; one of the most hated jobs in any salon.

This means the team has more time for training and generating revenue, and owners can turn their talents away from having to manage a laundry system and concentrate on what they do best: running a business.

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