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Easydry Short Hair Towel

Easydry has recently introduced a small hair towel designed especially for short hair to its range of award-winning biogradeable, disposable towels. 

Easydry’s new short hair towel

The Easydry short hair towel is ideal for salons with a large male clientele or for clients with shorter hair, giving them a real way to set them apart from their competitors. The short hair towel is just as absorbent as the original Easydry eco-towel, but, being smaller, costs less.

The original Easydry hairdressing eco-towel is capable of soaking up excess moisture from the longest and thickest of hair. It is more than twice as absorbent as a cotton towel, but far less bulky and much more cost-effective than constantly having to wash and tumble-dry cotton towels.

Now salons and barbers will be able to save even more by using the short hair towel (30cm x 60cm), made from exactly the same eco-friendly material as the hairdressing towel, whenever they are cutting or styling short or men’s hair or doing a wet shave.

Wide enough to tuck around the neck and stop any uncomfortable drips escaping down a client’s back, the eco-towel is big enough to blot up excess moisture from short hair after washing.

Available in black, the new Easydry short hair towel is a completely natural product, made with constant regard for its environmental impact at every step of its sourcing, production and delivery.

Easydry also simplifies salon life, freeing staff from the relentless drudgery of laundering, folding and stacking towels, one of the most hated jobs in any salon.

This means the team has more time for training and generating revenue, and owners can turn their talents away from having to manage a laundry system and concentrate on what they do best: running a business.

Easydry’s new short hair towel costs just 30 cents or $270ex GST for a box. For more information call 1300 071 714 or visit

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