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evo Mister Fantastic

evo Mister Fantastic Texture Spray creates an endless array of hairstyles and is the perfect tool for creation adding volume and texture while securing any style in place.

With a thermal protective element, the evo Mister Fantastic Texture Spray is perfect for use with curl sets, straightening irons and blow dryers where it will add texture, secure the style and defy humidity.

Mister Fantastic currently comes packaged with six Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees ideal for finishing and holding long and thick hair. The Hair Bungees hold hair firmly in place and won’t pull precious locks out when removed. Great for ponytails, half-knots, braids and buns, the Hair Bungee is available in black, brown and blonde.

Mister Fantastic + Hair Bungee = Up-do bliss

Visit or call (02) 8354 1048 for more information.

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