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Hair Expo: Hair2Day

Presenting a landmark invention to the Australian market, Hair2Day introduced the X3 Curling Wand – set to revolutionise the way women curl their hair.

H2D X3 Curling Wand

The brainchild of James and Lorraine Foley, Hair2Day’s X3 Curling Wand features three different sized heads to create a myriad of different curls including, boho beach waves, bed head, red carpet, runway, old Hollywood glamour, spiral, lose tousles, wavy, barrel and sculptured curls.

With 32 years experience as a hairdresser and educator, Lorraine Foley has helped to develop features of the X3 Curling Wand that greatly assist stylists and the at-home user. The specially designed interchangeable head retains heat, creating curls which last for up to three days, whilst a LCD Digital temperature control allows for easy monitoring.

Lorraine and James Foley

“Volume is back,” says Lorraine. “We’re moving on from the dead straight look; girls want big, bouncy curls armed with individuality and the X3 Curling Wand gives them just that”.

Claiming to heat in less than 60 seconds, twice as fast as its competitors, the first Ceramic and Tourmaline infused X3 combines technologies to create lustrous soft, curls, devoid of frizz, flyaway’s and damaged ends. Ingeniously, the temperature can also be adjusted to protect fine hair from high heat damage.

“We are a personal company and offer a personal service,” explains James Foley. “The X3 is the first of its kind in Australia and has already received outstanding feedback that we are very proud of.”

Already in the hands of a number of well known and respected hairdressers, the X3 Curling Wand has impressed the likes of Craig Smith, Dale Dorning, Carl Reeves, Jade Cohen and Joey Scandizzo, all attesting to the breadth of styles it is able to create.

The lightweight wand comes with a heat resistant glove, lowering the chance of injury when curling, an instructional DVD and is presented in 100 per cent recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging.

A style revolution for curls, Hair2Day’s X3 has a big and bold future.

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