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kevin murphy

Star session stylist Kevin Murphy will launch a new heat protection line in November – the perfect addition to his extensive line-up of hair care and styling products.

PROTECTION.LINE will consist of six products: PROTECTION.WASH, LEAVE-IN.PROTECTION, STRAIGHT.DEFENCE, HEATED.DEFENCE, DAMAGE.MANAGER and FULL-ON.PROTECTION which all work to protect the hair from extreme heat.

“As a stylist, you have to apply a lot of heat to the hair to create the style effectively. This left me feeling bad that I was unable to perform my duties as a hairdresser without killing off my client’s hair,” Murphy explained. “I realised that the current heat protection products on the market could only offer protection up to 180 degrees Celsius and there was a need for a product that performed at temperatures up to 220 degrees.”

Inspired by native Australian desert plants, the range consists of shampoos, leave-in treatments and styling aids all featuring the Kevin Murphy Extreme Heat Protection Complex which contains the antioxidants, amino acids and essential oils required to repair damaged hair, while reducing friction and improving strength.

The scientific formula combines native ingredients including Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime and Wattle Seed, all of which have proven benefits in treating burns and also have the ability to transform hair from dull and damaged to glossy and smooth.

Call 1800 104 204 or visit for more information.

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