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Lendan Diamond Age Defying Colour

Set to provide a new colour experience for clients with grey hair, the Lendan Diamond Age Defying Colour range consists of 14 innovative shades that offer permanent grey coverage and intense shimmering highlights while boosting hair volume.

With hair that often looks fine, dehydrated, weak and dull, the Diamond Age Defying Colour client is typically 40 years of age or older and seeking to cover greys and combat the signs of ageing. This new range also adds density and lift by rebuilding the hair fibre providing body, texture and shine to dull and thin hair.

The Diamond Age Defying Colour gives perfect 100 per cent grey coverage with absolute reflects and there is no need to mix with a base or combine with other shades.

Contact Lendan on (03) 9310 4881 for more information.

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