The use of bobby pins in salon is now easier and quicker thanks to the new Magnetic Bobby Pin Wrist Band from Lorna Evans Education.

Leather, magnetic and with a toggle for opening pins, long hair expert Lorna Evans said that she has introduced the Bobby Pin Wrist Bands to give hairdressers a portable, super-convenient way of managing bobby pins.

“Having bobby pins on a wrist band means that they are right at hand when needed and are great when on location at weddings and events,” Lorna says.

“It eliminates the need to reach across to a table to grab the pins or hold them in the mouth and the toggle means no use of watches, rings or teeth for the task. This is much safer, hygienic and way more professional too,” adds Lorna.

Guaranteed for 12 months, the Lorna Evans Bobby Pin Wrist Bands are available at