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Make Up Store makes a Splash

Looking to make a fashion statement this season? Then you”ll be well on your way with Make Up Store‘s new Splash range of dazzling Eyedusts.

Available from May 1, 2010, the overall Splash look focuses on an intense eye and a clean, simple base on the rest of the face. Slight contouring on the cheeks and a neutral lip means the eye colour will pop!

Layer the Eyedust for a more intense colour then set with Make Up Store Blend and Fix or dab on a little for a less concentrated finish.

There are three colours available in the range and all are bold and bright with a metallic finish:

Victory is a vivid green, which Maria Gabriel Ertas from Make Up Store recommends matching to Microshadow in Moss for deep, intense and enviable eyes.

Sight is a bright blue hue; the electrifying shade is one of the key makeup colours for the season. Use a small amount of Make Up Store Blend and Fix to set the shade in place.

Perfect is a dazzling deep purple which harmonises beautifully with Make Up Store Microshadow in Dita worn around the outer corners, through the crease and towards the brow bone to create depth.

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