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As one of Australia’s most respected hairstylists and educators, Dario Cotroneo has spent the past 20 years educating hairdressers both here and abroad, styling high-fashion editorial and building a loyal celebrity and media clientele.

As the founder of DCI Education Dario has cemented his reputation as an industry pioneer. After a decade-long addiction to pokerstraight hair (and straightening irons), hair is now loosening up, with everything from soft waves to goddess curls appearing on runways and the red carpet. Think Gisele Bundchen, Fergie and Emily Blunt at this year’s Golden Globes.

In his salon, session styling and education work, Dario saw first hand the difficulty his clients – and even professional hair & make-up artists – were having trying to achieve these new curls using irons. And traditional tools like tongs and rollers just didn’t cut it – they take way too long and create a fat, round curl instead of a beautiful flat wave.

So Dario and his team at DCI Education embarked on a mission to design a styling iron accessory that effortlessly creates gorgeous curls, volume and movement in minutes.

After three years of research and development, the DCI team successfully created the perfect design for an easy-to-use styler that works with your irons to deliver consistently beautiful s-shaped waves and curls: the result is MYCURL.

Each MYCURL clutch pack contains six MYCURLs, allowing you to create an infinite number of looks A compact travel wrap with six individual pockets, so you can safely carry your MYCURLs in your handbag, beauty case or kit, a detailed instruction booklet, including four beautiful MYCURL
styles and a 12 month guarantee.

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With movement in hair back fimly on the hair agenda, Mycurl couldn’t have come at a better time. Created by Dario Cotroneo, founder of Sydney’s DCI Institute, Mycurl is a unique styling iron accessory that effortlessly creates curls, volume and movement.

With a patented S-shape rod, the device creates movement in the hair when it is rolled in, fastened and heated with a straightening iron. Entirely heat-resistant, Mycurl suits any brand of thermal straightener and is available for in-salon and at home use.

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