Created by Ecoheads and distributed nationally by Ozdare, meet The Ping, your new best friend when it comes to colour. The Ping is a colour mixing machine that prioritises a consistent mix as its main goal, creating a smoother blend than when colour is mixed by hand.


“I love the health benefits The Ping provides,” explained Ecoheads Managing Director, Benny Risher. “When preparing hair colour, most of the excess fumes are released at the mixing stage, The Ping allows you to mix with confidence ensuring fumes are kept within the mixer.”

The Ping’s technology perfectly bonds colours and tints with peroxide during the mixing process. It also prevents against overmixing, which can cause oxidisation and as such, diluted colours. The machine has a detachable paddle that has been specifically designed to only gently stir tints, bleaches and other product. The innovative invention creates creamier mixes with more efficiency than hand-mixed alternatives.

The technology also allows for more coverage with less product. As the machine ventilates the mixes, it extends the tints, bleaches and colour further than before. It also has a detachable blade design for simple and easy cleaning after.

Colourists, we have a feeling things are about to become a lot easier for you in salon. If you have a birthday coming up, this should be first on your wish list. If not – treat yo’ self, this cannot wait until Christmas.

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