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Ideal for salons with a large short-haired and male clientele or beauty salons looking for a touch of luxury to add to their manicures, pedicures or facials, the new Easydry small towel is just as absorbent as the original Easydry eco-towel, but being smaller costs less.

Easydry’s small towel

Easydry’s new small towel is an essential piece of kit for forward-thinking barbers, who are looking for some way to set them apart from their competitors and are keen to offer their clients hygienic wet shaves, the perfect and increasingly popular facial for men.

Now salons and barbers will be able to save even more by using the small towel (30cmx60cm), made from the exactly same eco-friendly material as the hairdressing towel, whenever they are cutting or styling short or men’s hair, doing a wet shave or delivering the ultimate beauty service.

Easydry’s original towel now in black

Wide enough to tuck around the neck and stop any uncomfortable drips escaping down a client’s back, the small towel is big enough to blot up excess moisture from short hair after washing. With shaving or facials, it is the ideal size to tuck across the chest without getting the way of the razor or treatment and is perfect for hand and feet services.

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