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The Bug is Back

After the overwhelming success of their innovative COLOR.BUG and with multi-coloured hair still trending among the masses, KEVIN.MURPHY is stepping it up with the WHITE.BUG.


Just like its coloured counterparts, the WHITE.BUG provides wipe-on, wipe-off hair shadow to change the colour of hair instantly and simply washes out.

Take note for your blonde clients – this little beauty is a multi-tasker, acting as a blender and lightener for blondes, as well as a pocket-sized dry shampoo. Brassy blondes can be boosted while adding volume and texture for a modern take on 60s glamour.


“The powder works by grabbing to a base product,” explains Kevin Murphy. “Using Hair.Resort.Spray as a base and then applying WHITE.BUG on top will create a lighter effect, or for a more intense WHITE.BUG colour use a stronger, thicker base such as the Night.Rider paste.”

The WHITE.BUG can also be used to mute the colour of pink, purple and orange COLOR.BUGs to create soft pastel tones or can be used as a base to brighten up the colours on dark hair.

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