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Warm Welcome

Ensure a warm welcome for your clients with Easydry’s refreshing lemon-scented hot waffle towel.

The Easydry hot towel has a unique waffled texture, designed to hold the heat yet still feel soft, and is the perfect size to roll up and cushion a client’s neck between services. The hot towel can also be used before and/or after a wet shave or during a premium facial.

Made from the same high-quality material as Easydry’s hairdressing towel, but thicker and with the unique waffled finish, the Easydry hot towel feels softer and smells fresher than any cotton towel, and as you give each client a brand-new towel every time, absolute hygiene is guaranteed, 100 per cent.

Currently available in white, the Easydry waffle towel is a completely natural product, made with constant regard for environmental impact at every step of its sourcing, production and delivery.

Easydry’s new waffle towels come in boxes of 540.

To order a free sample call 1300 071 714 or email

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