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10 Awkward Things Clients Do At The Salon Basin

The basin phase is an important part of the hair salon process.

At her Hair Expo seminar, Julie Piantadosi taught the importance of treatment massages at the basin, citing stats of an overwhelming majority of clients that claimed the basin was their favourite part of the salon experience. Meanwhile, Tabatha Coffey asked salon owners how they are heightening the relaxation of their salon basin area, insisting scents can go a long way to creating a covetable atmosphere.

But beyond it’s significance, let’s be blunt, while the clients are living in luxury, the basin phase is often nothing but awkward for you. Chalk that up the to the ways clients react – sleeping, talking, moaning or looking straight up your nose, really, nothing feels right.

Here are 10 things in particular clients do at the basin that we have to suffer through – then laugh about.

1. They sleep

giphy (2)

It’s great that they’re relaxed but… what do we do now?

2. Or worse… they snore.


It’s impossible to ignore.

3. They stare at you. Right. In. The. Eyes.

Staring-reaction-gifsIt’s like they’re searching the depths of your soul.

4. They talk too much.


5. Or talk too loud.


Hey, at least that wakes up the snorers.

6. They turn around to talk to you.


What did you think would happen there?

7. They enjoy it… a little too much.


Why the moaning? Please stop.

8. They can’t work out how to correctly position their neck in the basin.


It’s not exactly rocket science.

9. They haven’t washed their hair for days.tumblr_m92hc4toft1ru913t

The moments from turning on the water to that first shampoo are not pleasant.

10. And last, they will not move.  giphy (1)

We call them the statue clients – immovable.

What’s your basin horror story?

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