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10 Experiences Every Hairdresser Has During Racing Season

October to November in Australia centres around one season. No, not spring – racing season has probably been filling your salon for the last couple of weeks, and as we hit it’s pinnacle – Melbourne Cup, this week – we’re taking stock of what that really means for you as a hairdresser. Basically, clients in chairs, more wine (because, why not?) and so many fascinators, way too many fascinators actually, and the hope that you’ll never see or need to work with another fascinator again – at least until next racing season comes along.

Here are 10 experience you’ve definitely had this racing season.

1. ‘Tis the season to go to the salon, so the road to your salon doors probably looks a little like this.

2. And as we’ve mentioned, there are way too many fascinators. Honestly, if we never see one again it will be too soon.

3. Your salon will feel like the royal wedding on account of all the fascinators.

4. And then trying to style hair around these fascinators is it’s own type of headache.

5. Your social media will be so chaotic with race posts you’ll be looking forward to a short break from Instagram (say it ain’t so…).

6. The salon is at its busiest, leaving you a little spent.

7. But at least it will prepare you for the manic Christmas period… coming soon!

8. If you’re lucky enough to have Melbourne Cup day off from from the salon, we expect it’ll look a little something like this.

9. And even if you’re in the salon, why not celebrate?

10. At least next week, you’ll be wishing it was racing season again when your salon is looking a little more bare.

How was your racing season?

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