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15 Facial Expressions You’ve Definitely Made in Salon

Sometimes things happens in the hair salon that require no verbal response – really your eye rolls, raised eyebrows and fake smiles can do most of the talking. Whether you’re exuding excitement at being able to create a new trend, silently cursing a late client, rolling your eyes at an absurd request or privately registering a sense of pride at your own fantastic work, a facial expression can be better than a thousand words.



Which of these 15 facial expressions sound familiar in salon?

1. When your client comes in late.


Double it if they come in with a coffee in hand.

2. Or worse, when your client cancels last minute.


Fake smiling over the phone.

3. When you get colour on your favourite shirt.


*Internal screaming. Why is it always the best shirts?

4. When you accidentally get hair in your mouth.


Just one of the ‘perks’ of the job.

5. When you can’t hear anything over the blowdryer.


6. When someone requests your favourite new Instagram colour trend.


“I’m not supposed to have favourite clients but… you’re my favourite.”

7. Or when you feel really proud after your client leaves happy.


Soak it all in.

8. When your client divulges something a little too personal.


You like having close relationships with your clients but… within limits.

9. When a client comes in after clearly doing (read: ruining) their own hair at home.


10. And lies to you about it.


Do they think you were born yesterday?

11. When your client asks for the impossible.


“Oh, sweetie… no.”

12. And when a client thinks they know more than you about what’s best for their hair.


13. When you make unwanted eye contact at the basin.


14. When you’re in the salon after a big night.


Keep. It. Together.

15. But it’s all worth it for when you see your team members first thing in the morning.


You know the ones!

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