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10 Hairdressing Resolutions For 2018

Let’s be honest, drunken and last-minute resolutions made December 31st never quite stick, and your mileage may vary on whether you’re still sticking to the daily exercise regimen or no-phone-before-bed vow you made a couple of weeks ago. Now that we’re into January you can think about the professional goals you really want to make and stick to – the hairdressing resolutions that will push you as a creative, business professional, team member and hairdresser overall.

We have a few suggestions, so, repeat after us… “In 2018, I will…”

1. Push myself creatively.

It could be in an editorial capacity, in salon (with your experimental clients) or in your own free time, but make 2018 a year where you can step out of your creative comfort zone in order to learn something new and even surprise yourself.

2. Find the right education for me.

Pushing yourself is easier when you have the right education agenda to really take your skills to a whole new level. Look our for annual education supplement with INSTYLE January February, as well as an online calendar,  for the different times, locations, brands and education options available this year, then choose what works for you.

3. Help the environment.

As hairdressers in the 21st century it is our duty to help reduce the collective carbon footprint of our industry. With organisations like Sustainable Salons Australia leading the way, we can all be more mindful of the way we’re harming the planet, and make a necessary change.

4. Support other hairdressers.

Whether it’s following and liking on social media, supporting ambitious community members or offering a helping hand or words of encouragement to your salon co-workers, 2018 should be all about industry unity.

5. Travel to more hairdressing events.

It’s a great resolution to become more involved in the industry, and making a vow to travel more (locally or internationally) to hairdressing and brand events will provide networking opportunities and offer experiences you won’t find anywhere else. These are the 2018 memories you won’t forget.

6. Stay on top of the trends.

Ensure you’re ready for any and all client requests by staying ahead of the international trends circuit – celebrity news, viral social media topics and local crazes all make up the trends your clients ask for, be prepared!

7. Set business goals… and kick them!

Elevate your business in some way by identifying one key facet you need to improve – whether it’s retail, re-bookings, retention, find your problem spot and make a real plan to fix it.

8. Master a new skill.

This can be interpreted as a creative skill, a business hack or any other professional goal… end 2018 with a skill you simply didn’t have when the year began.

9. Be proud of my work.

Make an effort to have real pride in all the hair work you produce – from editorial endeavours to even the fussiest clients in the chair, there can be no phoning it in. Think of this as a necessary outlook to gain career satisfaction.

10. Make 2018 my best year yet!

It’s an attitude we plan to stick to, with a lot in store in the hairdressing industry and so much to learn, we’re looking at the year ahead with optimism.

Here’s to a great 2018!

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