You’ll hear it referred to as the Olympics or the Oscars of fashion at least a few times today (there’s one already), but there’s no denying the Met Gala is the biggest highlight on the fashion calendar.

The Met Gala sees Hollywood’s elite head down the red carpet in support of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ Costume Institution, to celebrate the annual launch of its fashion exhibition. This year that exhibition is titled China: Through The Looking Glass, leaving the celebs, who already save their most outlandish attire for this event, to push the envelope with decidedly Eastern influences. This was executed with accessories, embellishments and a myriad of fiery red tones.

Hair was a contradictory force on the red carpet, predominantly either sleek and slicked back to leave no distraction from the bold, skin-baring dresses, or theatrical as ever, with dramatic headpieces worn by the particularly audacious.

Almost every look at the Met Gala is noteworthy in its own way, but between the weird, the wonderful and the purely perplexing, these were 10 of our absolute must-sees.

1. Kim Kardashian-West


Strategically placed lace, feathers and very little else was this evening’s option for Kim K, complemented by classic makeup and a tight ponytail.

2. Miley Cyrus


Skin was the order of the day and Miley took note with this cut-out dress. The feature is her grey crop, a new and chic iteration of her short style – we told you it was trending!

3. Anne Hathaway


She’s been compared to a Golden Globe, a glamorous Little Red Riding Hood or something out of Star Wars in the last few hours alone, but at least this slicked back, hooded style is definitively different. More hoods on red carpets in the future, please.

4. Rihanna


This embellished head piece worn with a flicked-out bob is Rhi’s interpretation of Chinese fashion. It also comes with a side of yellow in what we think is a cape, but can’t be sure.

5. Solange Knowles


All eyes were on her when she exited that elevator last year. Solange ensured she’d go two years in the spotlight with this innovative circle dress.

6. Katie Holmes


Simple elegance was on the agenda for Katie Holmes, with the biggest shock coming in the way of her new short bob, cut just hours before the event itself.

7. Beyonce Knowles-Carter


If skin was this year’s trend can we humbly say Beyonce did it best? Precariously placed jewels teamed with a chic high ponytail leave very little to the imagination. Who run the world?

8. Sarah Jessica Parker


Did we mention this exhibit was based on Chinese fashion? SJP ensured no one would forget with this Eastern outfit and scene-stealing flame-like headpiece.

9. Jennifer Lopez


Another example of the right way to wear clothes without really wearing clothes. With hair straight and slicked back away from her face, JLo played with the intricate balance of her red, embellished gown and sheer skin.

10. Katy Perry


A short pixie cut was paired with this graffiti-style printed dress in bold primary colours. If New York street style and Chinese cultural inspirations combined, this would probably be the result.

Which look was your favourite?