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10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Salon

If you’ve long given up on the idea of New Year’s resolutions, sure that they merely become ‘resolutions for the first week of January’, it’s time to recommit yourself to the cause.

The general resolutions we all pledge ourselves to every year may seem hopeless, but what if you focus on your business, craft and passion? Making resolutions that pertain to the salon may not only last the year, but grow your business, expand your creativity and build on who you are as a stylist, as well!

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Which of these resolutions will you try to keep?

1. I will make a formal business plan

As we start the year it’s a good idea to lay out your goals and how you plan to achieve them. To successfully do this take some time away from behind the chair, set your objectives for your business and define the strategies that you are going to put in place to make it happen. This may be a good time to look at getting a mentor or business coach who can help you put the right plan together that suits your business and situation.

2. I will make the most of online bookings

So much business nowadays comes from online and mobile bookings. Make sure your booking system is easy to manage and simple to read by phone or tablet and watch your bookings rise. And while we’re on this topic…

3. I will harness the power of online

Apart from the crucial matter of online bookings, in 2015 ensuring your website reflects your salon offering and your social media strategies are effective is imperative. Online is the first place prospective clients will go so communicate all necessary information, show off your achievements and post your creative work. Social media can be used in innovative ways to pose competitions, market your salon and engage with your clients. See how to maximise it here.

4. I will reach more people

2015 will be the year of growth for your salon. As well as engaging with more people online, garnering publicity through even more old fashioned methods such as email blasts, flyers and word of mouth can get your salon name out there. Making the salon front look as tempting as ever to entice more walk-ins is also a must.

5. I will test myself creatively

This year is the year to push your creative boundaries. Try the technique you’ve always wanted to try, develop your editorial capabilities, be bold and daring in your cut and colour choices. There’s no room for fear in 2015.

6. I will accept mobile payments

As mobile payments become a bigger phenomenon, make the client’s payment experience as simple as possible. Whether it’s mobile payments, cash register apps or new business software, salons must keep up with the technological business trends.

7. I will commit myself to education

Either as teacher or student, education is something you should be a part of this year. No matter how experienced you are there’s always more to learn, and you can personalise the classes to your needs. Technical, creative and business courses abound and when you’ve learnt a clever new trick or strategy, be sure to take it back to the salon and share your wisdom. Look out for INSTYLE’s annual education supplement, included with the January February issue of INSTYLE, out later this month, which has all the education info you need. For online learning visit Styleicons Education.

8. I will enter more competitions

It’s time to test yourself and the myriad of competitions that exist in the industry will push you both creatively and technically. International trips, product packages, national exposure and highly regarded accolades are all on the cards if you simply try, and you’ll build on your talents while you’re at it.

9. I will increase my client frequency

Increasing client frequency is a revenue market often overlooked but there are so many ways to keep your clients coming back more often. VIP programs, holiday packages and cross-promotion between your different services are all ways to up the numbers. You can find more ideas here.

10. I will dedicate myself to customer service

This one almost goes without saying, but make 2015 the year you really focus on customer service. Being consciously kind, engaging with your clients on a personal level, encouraging feedback and dealing with any concerns are a must this year and every year. A little bit of extra attention goes a long way.

This year is yours for the taking, whether you want to expand your business, your creative prowess or your knowledge.

Happy 2015!

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